Bishop Philemon Wachara has served in the pastoral ministry for over 20 years.  In 1991 he
stepped out in faith to start the Harvest Centre Fellowship in the Kangemi district of Nairobi. The
church began with 7 people and now has a congregation of over 3,000.

In 2002, seeing the needs of our church and community we began Grace Harvest Academy school
with 9 students and five years later, the school has grown to over 350 students.

The Harvest Center Computer College was started and has trained over 300 young people over
the past five years.

The Bishop also oversees moew than 30 churches in Kenya and Tanzania that have grown out of
the outreach of Harvest Centre Fellowship.

Bishop Philemon is currently on a sabbatical from his pastoral work and, through a scholarship, is
working on a degree in Theology in Cincinnati, Ohio. Living a life of faith in the United States and
believing the Lord to provide for his family here in the US and watch over the ministry in Kenya
until he returns.

The Harvest Centre Fellowship
Sound Preaching and Teaching of Biblical Principals and Emphasis on Family Values
We are a ministry that believes in training and equipping young men with a vision to preach the

Our main thrust is evangelism and church planting. We have planted over 30 churches and
continue to do so.

We also believe in empowering people through creating jobs and and self help projects. We have
initiated a “savings and loan” program that helps people with meager income save a few dollars
each month. They are then able to borrow 3 times that amount to help them start a business or
invest in an area of their choice. We have had a 98% return of all funds borrowed.

Our goal is to continue to assist people in various ways to begin small scale businesses that would
change their future.

We also evangelize by ministering to the needy within our community through the “Open Hands”
ministry. We distribute food stuff, clothes and medical supplies. This has been a great help to the

We partner with different groups to offer free medical camps within our community. In Kangemi,
most people can not afford health care. These camps go a long way in helping to diagnose and
treat diseases that would otherwise be dangerous to those who can't afford treatment. Many lives
have been saved through our medical camps.

Harvest Centre Fellowship reaches out specifically to young people to educate them on the
dangers of HIV and AIDS because they are the most affected. These outreaches have been very
successful with many coming to Christ and many more heeding the message by abstaining from
pre-marital sex. Through this we have a very vibrant youth group that is excited to serve Jesus.  
This is only a snapshot of our community outreach and involvement.

Grace Harvest Academy
  • Our vision is to provide quality and excellence in education for this deprived community
  • Pre-school through 8th grade. We have 14 teachers and 4 support staff members that we
    cherish and our school takes good care of them.
  • Daily lunch is provided to students.
  • We provide sponsorships for orphans and other students who can’t afford tuition.
  • In seven years, our school has had a tremendous impact on hundreds of children and has
    afforded an education to many who would otherwise have no opportunity to go to school.
  • Licensed by the government in Kenya, Grace Harvest Academy continues to meet the needs
    of the community in Kangemi.

The Harvest Centre Computer College
  • The computer college has been a great blessing to the community in Kangemi. In the five
    years since it started, the Harvest Computer College has trained over 300 students and the
    number of students continues to increase.
  • The increased demand for computer education also means a need to expand the existing
  • An expansion of the building behind the church offices is planned to become the computer
    school center.
  • Harvest Centre Fellowship stands as a beacon of light bringing the Good News and hope of
    Jesus Christ to the people of Kenya.

Most of the 30 pioneer churches are in dire need of buildings. The vast majority meet in store
fronts or mud sack structures and some even under trees. Most of these churches are in rural
villages and it does not require much money to purchase property or build a temporary structure.
With as little as $5000, a small church can purchase both property and a small tin structure to
keep the congregation out of the elements.

A new roof for the church building, classrooms and kitchen for the school and expansion of the
computer college will ensure that Harvest Centre Fellowship can continue to fight against the
evils of poverty and social exclusion; that we can continue to bring education and skills training to
those who would otherwise have no opportunities.

Expansion and development of these facilities will ensure Harvest Centre Fellowship’s ability to
generate, process, receive and disseminate information to the Kangemi district. Thereby
overcoming “information poverty” and bringing necessary education to build a stronger

Thank you for taking time to read through this information and thank you for any prayerful
consideration you may give to help this wonderful ministry reach the poor and marginalized
people in Kenya.

If you would like to discuss opportunities to help in Kenya you may contact Bishop Philemon by
email at
The Harvest Centre Fellowship
Nairobi, Kenya
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